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The driving test within the UK is taken by over 1 million people within the UK every year. It is the required test which when passed, allows an individual to drive a vehicle on their own, opening up a new array of possibilities and freedom. However, for many, passing the test itself can be somewhat difficult, due to the intricacies of the test. This is one of the reasons why an innovative online resource which offers guidance and advice as well as informative content regarding the driving test has proved so popular. That website is

The UK driving test consists of two elements, which takes into consideration practical and theory based tests. The practical element of the test involves driving a car, with a relevant test inspector within the vehicle, to ensure that the individual is able to control the vehicle and drive safely. The theory element involves numerous questions which relate to driving in general, and also incorporates elements of the Highway code. The key to passing the relevant elements of the UK driving test is practice, coupled with the use of an informative resource which provides valuable information, advice and guidance, which is where, comes in.

This impressive online resource offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for those who are looking for information and help to pass their driving test. Within its pages is provided a multitude of useful information, all of which is provided in various sections, such as the practice lap section which provides details of how to apply for a provisional licence, in addition to relevant learner driver insurance and additional information. One of the most popular sections is the starting grid section, which provides help with booking the theory element of the driving test, whilst also providing information on practice tests, to enable an individual to comprehensively practice the theory element of the test, which ultimately aids in a successful outcome.

The fact remains that when it comes to learning to drive and passing the relevant driving test, without the help of a useful online resource, the chances of success are diminished. is an innovative online resource that has become an extremely popular location due to the fact that it offers free advice and help, to aid an individual to learn to drive as well as pass the UK driving test with flying colours.

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