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Archive for August, 2012

28 Aug 2012

Driving Lessons to Car Insurance – Parents Foot The Bill

According to the Daily Mail newspaper the cost of getting your kids behind the wheel for the first time can be as much as £8000 per child.  That is a quite significant amount of money and if you multiply that by two or three depending on how many kids you have then it becomes quite eye watering.

Most new young drivers will be relient on Mum and Dad to help pay for a car or certainly help with the funding of it.  They will also, almost certainly, need a helping hand with insuring the car as it is not cheap insuring your first car, especially if you have just turned 17 years old.

Add to the above cost the actual cost of learning to drive with the cost of the lessons, the price of the theory test and the practical test it all adds up and it’s no wonder that in a recent survey by Aviva up to 33% of new drivers had their car bought for them.  This is a leap from 20% of new drivers in the 1960s.

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