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10 Aug 2011

Cool car literature: Best driving books to buy to help you pass

To begin, a short disclaimer: not all the products reviewed are actually books. One’s a CD ROM and two are interactive DVDs. Only one of the main products is actually ‘literature’. How times change…That said, whether it’s paperback or electronic in format, the information it doles out is fundamentally the same. But why do we need this information? I hear you cry.
Because, my sweet and innocent learners, the theory and practical tests (but mainly the theory, as that’s the one with the written exam) are a nightmare. They’ve changed so drastically in the past 10 years that anyone over the age of around 30 won’t recognise half the things you’re expected to learn or do.

Naturally, you need a source of advice and guidance, preferably from people who know what they’re on about. (Contrary to popular belief, is not the world expert on driving tests… yet). There are three main sources you can go to: the DSA (a reliable choice), the AA, and Focus Multimedia.

The DSA has produced literature for learner drivers since the dawn of time (and possibly before) so they know their stuff. You can buy individual books for the different sections or buy a complete set, which includes information on the theory and practical tests, as well as a copy of the Highway Code. Prices are fairly competitive and the books are available from most high street bookstores, so they’re easy to get hold of. They might not make for the most interesting reading (it is, essentially, a glorified textbook) but it is guaranteed to give you all the details you’ll ever need.

The AA has a combination of products, with books and DVDs vying for your attention. Again, you can’t fault the AA’s integrity so any products by them are likely to be fairly comprehensive. The facts are all there, the material is quite nicely presented in the popular driving books… but there’s still something lacking. It’s just not massively engaging, and in a direct comparison to the DSA, the AA’s range just doesn’t stack up.

If it’s interaction you’re after, though, Focus Multimedia have it by the bucket load. Their Driving Test Success: All Tests CD ROM and DVD (you can choose either medium) are packed full of useful tips as well as presenting the information in a fun and exciting way. Okay, we’re not talking ultimate entertainment here (it’s still an educational product) but at least you won’t lose the will to live after 10 minutes. Both the CD and DVD are reasonably priced, and available from Amazon too, so it’s not hard to get a copy.

Of course, there are plenty of other brands and products out there – this is just a sample of the top sellers – so go out and have a look for yourself. See what appeals, because only you know what the best way is for you to learn.