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13 Sep 2012

Cycle Awareness Should be Part of Driving Test

Over 75% of Driving Instructors believe that there should be an element of awareness of cyclists on the road in the driving test and I have to say I agree with them.  Being a driver for almost 30 years I can honestly say that it has only been in the last few years that I have come up behind a cyclist, or heaven forbid a group, and not felt intimidated by how I should deal with the situation.  I wish that at the least my driving instructor had taken me through dealing with cyclists during my lessons never mind making it part of my driving test.

There are a lot more cyclists on the road these days and with a 10% increase in cycle related injuries then it would be a good idea to introduce a cycle awareness element to the test to help motorists deal with what can be a challenge at times.

The other side of the coin is that cyclists should have some kind of road awareness training if you consider that at the moment anyone, even those with no road or traffic experience, can take a bike out on the open road and given how busy our roads are that is a scary proposition.

Only making cycle awareness part of the learner driver experience is only treating half the problem.

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