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30 Sep 2012

Should Elderly Drivers Retake Driving Tests?

In the next decade the numbers of drivers, 80 or over, on our roads is set to expand by up to 22% judging by new figures. This is as a direct result of people living longer, being more inclined to drive than tak public transport and being both wealthier and healthier in their old age than they used to be.

Despite this, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) is advising the government not to force older drivers to retake their driving tests as this can be quite costly with the practical test costing £75 plus the cost of driving lessons and the theory test too.

A whitehall advisory group has suggested that voluntary refresher courses should be available to older drivers but IAM insist that being over 70 did not make it any more likely that a person would be involved in or would cause an accident and figures suggest that older drivers are still safer than the majority of younger drivers.