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17 Oct 2012

Female Drivers to Pay More Insurance From December

On 21st December the insurance premiums for females will come more into line with those of men, meaning that females could find themselves paying up to 41% more than they currently do.  However, as much as 75% of female drivers are still unaware of the changes about to come into effect due to the new European legislation.

Now this seems a good argument for gender equality working against us as, despite the evidence that woman make less claims on their motor insurance and the claims are typically less expensive this legislation means that we’ll pay the same regardless.

So now might be a good time to see what can be done to lower your premiums.  The easy one for those of you who are due for renewal in the next couple of months is to shop around and get the best possible deal.  For the rest of us some of the ways to help reduce your insurance premiums is to choose a higher excess or adding an more experienced driver to their policy.  Another way is to consider a telematics policy, this involves fitting what’s called a black box to your car which measures how and when you drive and could, potentially reduce your premiums.