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18 Oct 2012

Car Crushing Time for Uninsured Motorists in Scotland

Strathclyde police have launched a campaign targeting uninsured and unlicensed drivers in their area which is going to get tough on drivers who drive their vehicles without a license, insurance or both.

Called Operation Revoke, drivers caught without insurance will face large fines and could even have their cars crushed in an attempt to stamp out the current trend as figures for the last 9 months show that over 4000 motorists were caught driving whilst uninsured and more than 3000 cars were seized of which 634 were disposed of by crushing or being sold at auction.  Interestingly, these figures are slightly down on the previous year.

Strathclyde police will be using automatic number plate recognition to help them to identify those drivers who are driving without insurance.  Coupled with this The Motor Insurers Bureau (an organisiation that helps victims of uninsured incidents) has offered specialist training for police officers on some of the more intricate issues surrounding car insurance.