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Driving Tests | UK Driving Test Advice
Driving Newsletter - Tips and Advice on Passing your Driving Test

Driving News:

Documentation - The very first step to get you driving in the right direction!

 Applying for your provisional licence
 Learner driver insurance, wise up to it now
 Driving Age - general information
 Learner driving books, read, digest and apply

Booking your Theory Driving Test! Theory questions, help and advice!

 Theory test practice, 50 questions, 43 a pass
 Hazard perception test, hazard tips & clips
 Booking your theory test, it has to be DSA
 The Highway Code, a 'must buy book'!

Driving lessons, instructors, driving with friends and relatives, more!

 Choosing your driving instructor
 Driving lessons - a boot full of information
 The best driving games and driving simulators
 Top UK driving schools

Practical Driving Test - Everything from booking it, to passing it the first

 Book driving test, your last hurdle
 Practical driving test - general information
 Top driving test tips to help you pass
 Show Me, Tell Me what's under the bonnet

What next? Pass Plus, Best car insurance deals for new drivers. Advanced driving courses? How about honing your skills a bit more with a Skid Pan course?

 Young driver insurance - Some great deals on how to get cheap car insurance
 Advanced driving courses including Pass Plus
 Skid Pan training - Be ahead of the game. Safe, fun way to control a skid and stay 'safe'
Learn how to get the most out of your driving with these eco saving tips
Check out these videos for a lighthearted look at driving

Pass the UK Driving Test

Learning to drive by sitting and passing the UK driving tests is probably one of the most important things you'll ever do. Not only does it open up a whole world of possibilities, it's also the ultimate measure of freedom. Nothing beats jumping in your car, revving the engine and going wherever the mood takes you. Hail, rain or shine!

That's why over 1 million people in the UK learn to drive each year.

But it's a hard slog to earn your driving stripes. The world of motoring is a minefield of hazards (to say nothing of the hazard perception test itself!) that would make any novice learner quake in their shoes.

Never fear, though - help is at hand. The team here at The Driving Tests have worked long, dark hours for a tiny wage and no benefits in order to bring you all the info you'll ever need. Our aim? To get you on the road to driving success by providing you with useful information aimed at helping you to pass your driving tests the first time round!

Whether it's driving test book suggestions, links to other helpful websites related to the topic, or just some simple, no-nonsense advice about learning to drive, you'll find the answers here.

To get started, make your way to the racetrack for the Practice Lap - getting your provisional licence!

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