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Our Privacy Policy

Shhh... can you keep a secret? We can!

1. The Basics

Thanks for visiting ‘’. We know how much your privacy matters, so we just want to let you know we won’t take any personal information unless you let us. Unfortunately, we can’t make the same guarantees for any websites that we link to – you’ll have to check their privacy policies for that. Our Driving Newsletter Sign-up complies with current UK 'best practices and guidelines and our Newsletter service is provided by Aweber, one of the leading providers in Newsletter systems.

2. Information we might collect

Every web server (and therefore every website) installs a cookie in your browser. This cookie makes a log of what pages you choose to view on the website. It will also tell the website what date and time you visited the site and what your IP address is. ‘’ does use cookies for this purpose, but there’s absolutely no way we can access any personal info through the cookie unless you specifically provide us with the details (such as when you sign up to the newsletter), and the information we can get doesn’t tell us anything about you. We’ll only use the cookie data to figure out which pages are the most popular, and which pages maybe need a bit of work to make them better. ADI's wishing to place a free listing on our website can do this in safety as we do not require your email address to register, neither will we send you any correspondence of any kind following your request to be listed on our website.

3. Staying child-friendly

This website isn’t really designed for children under thirteen (13) years of age – and really, most of it is only of interest to people over 16 anyway. All the same, anyone under 13 shouldn’t give any personal details, such as names and e-mail addresses (notably on the newsletter sign up page).

4. Copyright

All the text and pictures on this website are copyrighted to according to UK (and other) copyright laws, and the overall design of the website and coding is copyrighted to us too. You’re allowed to view and print any of the information you find on our site, as long as it’s for personal reference use. Any copying, printing, republishing or editing of the information on our site without our express permission is completely forbidden.

5. Warranties doesn’t endorse (support) any of the information, services or products provided on our website, nor that of any websites we link to – which is to say we’ll do our best to give you correct, relevant information, but if we don’t, then it’s not our fault. Any problems, loss or damage to you that come from using the website aren’t our fault either. Sorry.

6. Indemnity (placing the blame)

Having read this policy, you agree not to indemnify (blame) or any of its staff or members for any misinformation, loss and damage of property or other problems that may come from using our website.

7. UK Law

This privacy policy forms a contract made (and ruled) by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.

8. Last Update

This policy was last updated on the 30th June, 2011.

9. Contact Details

Any questions or comments about our website should be addressed in email to admin at or The Driving Tests, Bulls Court House, Dolphin St, Colyton, Devon, EX24 6NA.