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Theory Test Booking on the Cheap

Everything you need to know about booking your Theory

  • Theory test booking
  • how to book your theory test
  • Price of booking your theory test
  • Important: Book your Theory test 'only' through the DSA

Booking your driving theory test is, sadly, the easiest part of the driving process – which, if you’ve ever looked at the DirectGov website, isn’t saying much.

But fear not, intrepid learners. The DSA's theory test booking page is actually relatively straightforward. Before you begin, you’ll need a computer with working internet, your provisional driving license, and a valid bank card (by which we mean, one that hasn’t been blocked due to the amount of times you’ve gone over the overdraft limit).

Once you’ve got those assembled, you can find your way to the DirectGov theory test booking page and click to book your test. Here’s where things get technical.

Choose the type of theory test you want, which for most learners is either Category A (car) or A/P (motorcycle). Select your language and any special requirements you might have, then type in your provisional license number (Section 5 if you have a new photocard license).

Then you’ll be asked where you want to take your test.

Tips about booking your theory test

There are over 150 driving theory test centres in the UK, so there’s plenty of choice. You don’t have to go to the nearest test centre, but bear in mind that you might have to get there on public transport (after all, it’s not like you can drive there) so don’t choose somewhere too far away.

Next it’s your test date. If you’ve opted for ‘as soon as possible’ or ‘no preference’ then the DSA site will simply give you a choice of dates, of which you pick one (or go ‘back’ if you don’t like any of the options – but that’s just being fussy). The average waiting time for a theory test is negligible – you can usually get one within 3 days – but you might find there’s a bit of a waiting list in bigger cities such as London.

If you’ve asked for a specific date, the DSA will do their best to accommodate you, but there are only so many computers in a test centre, so if you want to do your test pretty pronto, you might have to be flexible.

Once you choose your test date and time, you’ve got 15 minutes to complete the form. Any longer than that and you’ll lose your booking. No worries though – the rest of the booking form is quite simple. Just fill in your personal details – name, address, etc. – and then you’ll be given a summary of your booking, and a page for entering your payment details.

Remember the driving theory test costs £31.00, which you pay when you book, NOT when you go to the test centre.

Then you submit the payment, and you’re all set! Good luck, and get revising!


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