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Cheap Fully Comp Insurance for all UK Learner Drivers

The low down on cheap provisional insurance for learners

  • can I get insurance now? Yes! in 10 minutes you can have your own fully comp insurance
  • how and where to get your own learner drivers insurance
  • is it cheap? Absolutely!
  • does it work out cost effective compared to driving lessons? Oh Yes!

Personalised learner driver policies, with comprehensive cover? All for as little as £2.99 a day? You must be kidding. And yet, we’re not because Provisional Marmalade offer exactly this to all UK learner drivers. Fully Comp insurance for all learners no matter where you live or what car you want to drive!

Finding (and affording) learner driver insurance is one of the biggest problems facing young drivers today. Premiums on parents’ insurance are astronomical, and with the majority of learners still in full-time education (and therefore unlikely to have a healthy monthly income) paying for insurance can be nigh on impossible.

Sadly, insurance is a legal requirement, so no matter how much it costs you’ve got to cough up. Either that, or stick to learning with an instructor – which is useful, but can end up costing even more in the long run.

What nobody realises is that there are dedicated specialist companies out there offering comprehensive provisional insurance cover for learner drivers in their own right and, with no risk to your parents’ insurance, or to their hard-earned 'No Claims Discount'. You can even get insurance on your own car, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Learner insurance companies

Provisional Marmalade, have set up specific insurance policies for learner drivers. It's INSTANT, CHEAP and INDIVIDUAL - three magical words in the driving world, simply download your policy immediately after the online quote which takes just a few minutes.

From as little as £2.99 per day, you can have your own policy, separate from your parents', that gives you comprehensive cover as a learner driver. You can even put the insurance onto your own car, if you have one.

Policies are usually for an initial minimum period of 1 month, and can be extended for anything from 1 week to 12 weeks after the initial period has ended. This makes the insurance ideal for learner drivers, who usually don't know how long it will be before they pass their test.

What am I covered for?

Provisional Marmalade's Insurance allows you to use the car you insure for pleasure and commuting use. That means you can drive it to work, nip to the supermarket or even go out for the day to the seaside if you wish – as long as you have a qualified driver with you at all times.

It's so easy to buy your own insurance, over-the-web instant quote and purchase, simply fill in your details, choose the length of the policy you want, pay and then print out your policy. You're covered straight away, so once you've got the printout in your hand, you can hop into the car - as long as you've got a qualified driver with you - and off you go!

Is personal learner drivers insurance really worth it?

You decide. Prices range from £80 for the month – the equivalent of 4 hours of professional driving tuition. 4 hours vs. one month? Talk about value for money. Even at its most expensive, provisional driver insurance will only cost about £140 – the cost of 7 lessons – so it’s still worth every penny.

What’s more, the DSA recommend that learner drivers spend in the region of 25 hours driving accompanied with an instructor plus around a further 22 hours driving more informally with a friend or family member, practicing in their own time. Getting your own insurance for a month can help you to easily fulfill that criteria and save you considerable expense.

Oh, and remember that your insurance will give you comprehensive cover with that, so if you do have a bump, it won't affect your parents' insurance or No Claims Bonus at all. If you’re lucky, your parents will be so relieved by this, they might even offer to pay - We suggest you mention this fact!

For further information on learner drivers insurance and for a free quote, please visit Provisional Marmalade.

Insurance for Learners

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