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Driving Tests | UK Driving Test Advice
Driving Newsletter - Tips and Advice on Passing your Driving Test

Read the Top 10 Ways 'You' will Fail your Test

Free 'Insider Report' reveals the top 10 most popular 'fails' learners make when taking their practical driving test!

The pass rate for driving tests is only 43%. Will you be “first time lucky” or, more likely, need 2 or 3 attempts?

Improve your chances of a first time pass by reading our free report. In it, you’ll learn…

- The 10 most common reasons for failing your driving test (according to a survey of leading UK driving schools)… and how to avoid them

- The right and wrong way to approach junctions

- What you should do every 10 seconds during your test

- What you should do at a red light (the answer isn’t “stop”)

- The signalling habit that will get you error points in your test

- And much, much more

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