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Finding your Nearest Theory Test Centre

Driving Theory Test Centres

Simply enter your ‘full postcode’ or town/city into our search box and click “Search”. Results will show the nearest Theory Test centre to your postcode. A map giving you directions will help you find your Theory Test centre. You can change the distance from postcode to widen your search.

Theory Centre Accessibility

Theory test centres are usually found in city or town centres, halfway up an office block that also houses an employment agency and a firm of lawyers.

This isn’t so surprising, really – test centres have to be somewhere easily accessible, as, by dint of taking your theory test, you’re clearly not qualified to drive to the centre – but when you’re all geared up for answering questions on motorway speeding restrictions, opening the doors to Retail Recruitment or some other bizarre company can be a little offputting.

Of course, there are 150 (or thereabouts) theory test centres around the UK, and not all of them will be in office blocks. Just most of them.

The benefit to having 150 centres in the UK means that you’ve not, as a general rule, got far to go to get to your nearest one. Of course, exceptions should really be made for people living on the very edge of civilisation – which is to say, the Outer Hebrides, the Highlands of Scotland, and Slough (only kidding Slough).

The only thing to bear in mind when choosing your test centre is how easy it is to get to. If one requires a twenty minute drive or three buses, and the other is at the end of your road, it seems a pretty straightforward choice. The questions don’t differ from centre to centre – it’s pot luck, so simply go with whichever is easiest to get to. After all, it’s a stressful experience. Why give yourself something else to worry about?

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