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The Cost of your Practical Driving Test

How much does your practical driving test cost?

  • Advice on insuring you get the best price for your practical driving test

Prices for DSA practical driving tests are, thankfully, standardised. This means that even if you live in London city centre, where otherwise things regularly cost triple what they do in a remote village in Wales, you’ll still only pay the same price as Gareth from Pontypridd.

The pricing is in two tiers, and depends on when you want to book your test. Monday-Friday it’s £62, Saturdays it’s £75. This is because, understandably, driving examiners don’t like working on Saturdays any more than the rest of us do, and would much rather be in the Red Lion having a drink with friends than sitting in a learner car, taking their life in their hands on an hourly basis.

When put like that, charging an extra £13 per booking seems rather out of proportion with the hassle they have to deal with… but who are we to judge?

A word of warning when it comes to booking your practical test: make sure you do it through the DirectGov website direct. That way, you’re guaranteed not to be charged any administration or add-on fees. They won’t even charge you a handling fee for debit cards, which for any regular internet shopper is a breath of fresh air.

The only other thing to bear in mind is that your £62 or £75 booking fee only covers the DSA administration and examiner fees. If you want to use your instructor’s car for your test then you have to pay your instructor as well, just as if it were a normal driving lesson. That’s an extra £20-25 to account for. Then if you want your ‘practice’ lesson before your test, that’s another hour. So expect your test to cost you at least £100 all in.

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