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28 Aug 2012

Driving Lessons to Car Insurance – Parents Foot The Bill

According to the Daily Mail newspaper the cost of getting your kids behind the wheel for the first time can be as much as £8000 per child.  That is a quite significant amount of money and if you multiply that by two or three depending on how many kids you have then it becomes quite eye watering.

Most new young drivers will be relient on Mum and Dad to help pay for a car or certainly help with the funding of it.  They will also, almost certainly, need a helping hand with insuring the car as it is not cheap insuring your first car, especially if you have just turned 17 years old.

Add to the above cost the actual cost of learning to drive with the cost of the lessons, the price of the theory test and the practical test it all adds up and it’s no wonder that in a recent survey by Aviva up to 33% of new drivers had their car bought for them.  This is a leap from 20% of new drivers in the 1960s.

Check out the latest three pages we’ve added for driving schools located in the following towns, Driving Lessons in Cannock, Lessons in Chelmsford and Driving Lessons Lincoln pages for a list of cost effective driving instructors in these towns.

13 Oct 2011

80mph speed limit: Arguments for and against!

80mph speed limit: Arguments for and against!

Finally, more than 40 years after the 70mph motorway speed limit was introduced, we have an enlightened Transport Secretary with the apparent courage to address the reality of life on our roads and suggest the possibility of raising the maximum to 80mph, in the process banishing an anachronistic piece of Sixties’ legislation. read more »

13 Oct 2011

Puppets get the road-safety message across

Puppets get the road-safety message across

Routes – a highway code for youngsters – has been developed by Steve Wright from the Puppet Broadcasting Centre, working with Calderdale Road Safety Team and the Safer Roads Group. It is being rolled out in secondary schools across the district – starting with Halifax High – and includes live roadshows, presentations, films and workshop training, supported by its own website and Facebook page. read more »

5 Sep 2011

Driving Test DVD Stirs up a Storm

There was a blog report not so long ago about the top driving test materials available today. We’re talking books, CDs and DVDs all aimed at helping learner drivers pass their tests.

But now there’s a new contender for the top spot: Brian Stratton’s The Driving Test: Essential Information. read more »

5 Sep 2011

Young Marmalade tastes sweet success

For a number of years, Young Marmalade have been the primary providers of learner and newly-qualified driver insurance. For those who haven’t heard the name before, Young Marmalade and their automotive sidekick, Provisional Marmalade, are one of a small handful of companies which offer affordable car insurance solely to young drivers, both whilst learning and after passing their practical tests. read more »

4 Sep 2011

5-day Intensive Fast Track Course to Driving Success

Intensive driving courses are becoming more popular as more of us find we have less time to devote to learning to drive. The concept of being able to simply take a week off work, stay over somewhere in a hotel and pay a modest sum of money to be taught to drive (and pass your test) is always going to appeal. read more »

3 Sep 2011

19% Fewer New Drivers on UK Roads than in 2005

A recent study by Newsbeat has shown that the number of young people learning to drive has dropped dramatically since 2005, with a 19% decrease over the 6-year period. This equates to 200,000 drivers.

The reasons for the drop in numbers are, sadly, fairly obvious. Rising insurance costs, changes to both the practical driving test and theory tests with the introduction of independent driving and the hazard perception test, and of course the increases in the cost of driving lessons, have all contributed. read more »

2 Sep 2011

Car Insurance hikes could prompt law-breaking

An EU directive advising insurance companies to charge equal amounts for both male and female drivers could see many young women choosing to drive uninsured.

The plan to bring female car insurance rates in line with their (significantly higher) male counterparts’ is a move being criticised by many as unnecessary and problematic. read more »

1 Sep 2011

Average motorist speeds over 18,000 times

Calls from a UK road safety charity, BRAKE, have been prompted after a report concluded that the average driver broke the speed limit over 18,000 times in their life.

BRAKE’s warning to watch our speed comes as the summer holidays see more children playing outside in the streets – and therefore a hike in the number of child-related car accidents.
read more »

30 Aug 2011

Young Male Car Insurance Soars to £4,000 average

As if men didn’t have a raw enough deal as it is – with car insurance costs already significantly higher than for their female counterparts – it seems that now insurance premiums for men are set to go even higher.

The immediate impact of this is that many drivers, especially young ones, are opting not to drive at all. Those who have no choice – if they live in remote places, or locations with no public transport – are forced to adapt to the higher costs, but are finding that they’re later forced to find work closer to home, or to work longer hours in order to afford the price increase. read more »